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Request Sample

Before ordering, would you like to see examples of all of our products? 

Fill out the form below and we will gladly send you a free package that includes:

  • Our refrigerator magnet pouch with standard card insert

  • Our personal size pouch with standard card insert

  • Several examples of customized cards with various logos, colors and designs

  • Our ‘Benefit Sheet’ – a concise list of the most significant benefits of the File of Life program and general instructions for preparing your medical card insert

  • Informational brochures about the File of Life

  • One window decal

  • Emailed link to a File of Life PowerPoint Presentation about our program & products to educate potential sponsors and inform your community prior to launch


Request Sample

Fill out the form below and we will mail you a sample package in 1-3 business days.

Individuals should reach out to local health and emergency organizations to request a free File of Life. Requests from individuals without an affiliated organization will not be processed. For more information, see "For Individuals" tab.

Thanks for submitting!

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